affordable interior design


affordable interior design

Space management is our primary forte. Our endeavour is to derive the best and optimum utility from the given space for our client. A lot of effort is, thus, put in to understand the needs and aspirations of the client. These are then matched to an anticipated timeline for the client so the client gets best utility from his space. Services included here are:

  • Client meeting and Detailing
  • Site inspection and measurement
  • Master plan creation
  • Submitting a broad estimate
  • Budget discussion
  • Design and material selection

3D models of the frozen plans are made and explained to the client in detail. The company takes charge over the site. Detailed working drawings are made and handed over to the respective contractors. Work is then monitored. Services included here are:

  • Creation of detailed working drawings
  • Civil change drawings, mapping on site and execution (with in-house execution team)
  • Electrical detail drawing and implementation (with in-house execution team)
  • Plumbing detail drawing and implementation (with in-house execution team)
  • False ceiling designing and execution (with in-house execution team)
  • Wall treatments, tiling and flooring (with in-house execution team)
  • Woodwork detailing and drawing (with in-house execution team)
  • Painting and polishing (with in-house execution team)
  • Sofa and upholstery detailing and selection
affordable interior design

 Our post completion procedures help us check and prepare the site for hand over to the clients. Services here include:



  • Contractor handover and inspection
  • Complete cleaning and décor
  • Design team final inspection
  • Handover to the client
  • Client appraisal and follow up

Redefine is an end to end interior designers in mumbai.
We design residential and commercial spaces of all scales of projects.


affordable interior design
Living Room Terrace Bedroom

Living Room

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Living Room


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Balcony Terrace


Bedroom Space

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